Putting the East Neuk on the Whisky Map

As Crail Food Festival-goers know, the East Neuk of Fife punches well above its weight for production of wonderful food. In terms of drink, until recently you had to go further afield. Thankfully that has all changed with the opening in December last year of the Kingsbarns Distillery. The East Neuk is now well and truly on the food AND drink map with what will be its first whisky now in production!…

Read the rest of my article for the Crail Food Festival 2015 and find out what to expect on a visit to what is now Rose Cottage’s closest tourist attraction. Also don’t forget to check out the Festival on 12-14 June 2015 for lots of foodie fun!


Whisky tasting with Douglas Clement, tour at Kingsbarns Distillery